About Us


                    Maranatha Family Church

  1. Dedicated to Biblical Truth: We believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, and utterly reliable Word of God.  We seek to faithfully build our services, ministries, and programs on its perfect foundation and nothing else.
  2. Focused on the Gospel: We believe that the Gospel, the fact of Jesus' perfect and final atonement for our sins at the cross, is the central aspect of the Christian faith.  We seek to proclaim this good news in all we do.
  3. Evangelistically-Driven: We take the great commission found in the 28th chapter of Matthew seriously.  Whether by funding missionaries or printing and distributing Bibles around the world, we seek in all we do to be a missions-centered church.
  4. Community-Minded: While we work to spread the Gospel around the world, we also see Rincon as a mission field.  We love to be involved in community service and local outreach efforts.
  5. Loving and Welcoming: We are a no-drama church.  We like it that way.  We are a church where anyone from any background can come and feel the love of Jesus through His people.  If you come once, you can be a visitor.  By the second time, you're family.
  6. Participation-Focused: We believe that every member in a local church has a responsibility to find a place to serve.  It is in service that we find a real sense of community and belonging, and get a true grasp on the church's vision.
  7. Worship-Centered: It is the duty of all of creation to worship its Creator.  We do this in music and song, but we also acknowledge that anything given freely to God in gratitude is an act of worship.  We seek to worship Him in all we do.
  8. Prayerful: Prayer is the most powerful tool we have as Christians.  We make prayer a priority because it is through prayer that we draw close to God.  It is through prayer that His priorities become our priorities.
  9. Discipleship-Oriented: As we proclaim the gospel to unbelievers, we also seek to make disciples of believers; to teach spiritual discipline, instruct in sound doctrine, and promote a balanced, biblical view of the faith.
  10. Generous: As a church, we believe that if we will take care of God's business, He will take care of our business.  We give joyfully as individuals because we are commanded to in scripture, and we give as a church to fund the work of God's Kingdom around the world.  In this giving, we are greatly blessed. 

Doctrinally, we hold to the 16 fundamental truths upheld by the Assemblies of God.
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